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Acknowledgements and Bibliography

Many thanks to all who have helped.  Here is an initial list of people who have assisted with advice, information and support:

Chester Cooper
Teresa R. Cunningham
Bradley Graham
Morton Halperin
Leigh Henson
Michael Hillinger, Ph.D.
Peggy McAlister Klein
Robert S. McNamara
Alex McNaughton
Christopher Mosher
Petey O’Donnell
Ellen L. Paullin
The Pekin Daily Times
Stephen H. Sachs
Pam King Sams
Asheley Smith
James Unland, Sr.


Academic Papers

  • Carlson Donnelly,  Dorothy Jeanne,  American  Policy in Vietnam 1949-1965: A Perceptual Analysis of the Domino Theory and Enemy Based Upon the Pentagon Papers, University of Pittsburgh Ph.D.
  • Janes, Thomas W.,  Rational Man – Irrational Policy (A Political Biography of John McNaughton’s Involvement in the Vietnam War), Essay presented March 31, 1977 in partial fulfillment of requirement for Bachelor of Arts at Harvard College.
  • Travis-Cline, Suzan Ruth, Maintaining Power and Voicing Dissent: John Theodore McNaughton and the Vietnam War, 1964-1967, Thesis in partial fulfillment of requirement for Master of Arts at Bowling Green University December 1993

Interviews and Correspondence

Cooper, Chester, September 14, 2003 telephone interview.
Fisher, Roger,  December 16, 2005 telephone interview. 
Halberstam, David,  telephone conversation, 2004.
Halperin, Morton interview, Washington DC, June 27, 2003.
Hoopes, Townsend, July 23, 2003 telephone conversation and emails.
Robert S. McNamara, telephone interview – July 11, 2003
McNaughton, Alex, Sept. 12, 2003 interview, 2003 meeting and emails
Paullin, Ellen, interview and emails, May 2003.
Stolley, Richard, July 9 2003 email to Tom Paullin.
Unland, James, telephone interview, 2003.

Oral History Statements

·    John T. McNaughton personal statement dated November 14, 1964 (Larry McQuade interviewer) for JFK Library.

·    John T. McNaughton personal statement dated November 21, 1964 (George Bunn interviewer) for JFK Library
Publications  and Photos

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·        McNaughton, John T.,  personal calendar notes, 1960-1967.
·        McNaughton collection of photographs, Official U.S. Navy Photographs and others with original sources not identified, 1960-1967.
·        The Pentagon Papers
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